Brian Dunagan

December 28 2016
Salesforce Tip: Adding US Timezone to Accounts

For my company’s email campaigns, we use a customer’s US time zone to determine when a particular email gets sent out. I added it as a custom formula to Accounts.

Let’s walk through how to set up a custom formula:

  1. Go to “Setup” > “App Setup” > “Customize” > “Accounts” > “Fields”.
  2. Click on “New” under “Account Custom Fields & Relationships”.
  3. For the field settings, use “Formula” for “Data Type”, an appropriate label for “Field Label”, and “Text” for “Formula Return Type”.
  4. For the formula, I translate “Billing State” into the time zone. See my version in the GitHub Gist below.
  5. To verify your version, use “Check Syntax”.
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