Brian Dunagan

August 18 2015
10,000 actions in Alfred

I use Alfred a lot. All day, every day. How much? Apparently, 10,000 times in the last two years. A dozen times per day.

For years, I treated Alfred as a straight UI replacement to OS X Spotlight. I switched to it from LaunchBar. I liked that Alfred launched in the middle instead of in the menu, and I preferred the way it displayed results.

Only this year did I started exploring Alfred’s deeper features. I added a custom workflow and custom web searches. The workflow searches a specific directory for matching text files and opens the selection in Atom. The web searches are shortcuts for GitHub pull requests, GitHub commit hashes, Bugzilla bugs, and Salesforce cases, as well as a number of other internal company searches. Command-space and type “pull 123” or “bug 1234”, and I’m there. Fast and easy.

I know I only use a small subset of Alfred’s current feature list, but for now, I’m happy with my custom web searches.

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