Brian Dunagan

July 21 2011
Remind Me Later 1.4

Remind Me Later 1.4 is now live on the Mac App Store and this blog! This release is long overdue, so thanks for everyone’s patience. Many people contributed excellent suggestions over the past months, and I included quite a few. In particularly, thanks to the BusyMac folks for helping me integrate with BusyCal better. While there are many new features in 1.4, let me single out three of them: calendars, alarms, and todos.

Type in a [calendar]: The most requested feature was calendars. You can now specify any calendar as part of the event text, like “Buy groceries at Whole Foods [Home] 4pm tomorrow”, and Remind Me Later will add an event in the “Home” calendar with “Buy groceries” as a title and “Whole Foods” as a location at 4pm tomorrow. If you don’t specify a calendar, the app defaults to the calendar selected in Preferences, and the

Type in a @1h alarm: Along with typing calendars, you can also add alarms. When you type “@1h”, Remind Me Later will add an alarm for one hour before that event, and the dialog will show “1h alarm” next to the “Cancel” button. You can also type “@15m” for fifteen minutes and “@2d” for two days, anything of the form “@N{m,h,d}”. In addition, you can specify the type of alarm (sound or email) to add in the Preferences.

Type in a “todo”: Remind Me Later now supports To Dos. Just type in “todo” or “task”, and the app will add a task to that calendar. Moreover, if you use Things, you can turn on iCal syncing in Things’s Preferences.

Below is a list of all the new features in 1.4:

  • Type in a [calendar]
  • Type in an alarm like @15m, @1h, or @3d
  • Type in a "todo"
  • Better BusyCal integration
  • Things integration with iCal To Dos
  • Full set of alarm preferences
  • Unclutter the menu bar by hiding the icon
  • Menu bar icon correctly inverts when clicked
  • Global hotkey works correctly for Shift, Control, Option, Command keys
  • Support for "+N{m,h,d}" delays
  • Specify a default event duration in Preferences
  • Lion (10.7) compatible

Download this new release from the Mac App Store or this blog!

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